Urban e-mobility means freedom to move with a good feeling.

We want it to be that way – all the way.

1:1 Relationship

Guarantee, service, communication.

Working with you is like a first ride on a new e-type. We are careful about it, joyful in doing it and happy to succeed in it. If you are riding with us, you must feel good. And we do for it, especially post sales, whatever is necessary. If you find we’re still missing something – just tell us.

New E-Mobility. Newest Products.

We live in a world full of opportunities. We are picking the good ones in our field for you. Constantly on the lookout, our team scouts and arranges for you factory products at hand selected quality. We are globally networked to find the best solutions from a huge offering. We reduce this complexity and find convenient and sustainable high tech at affordable budgets for you.

Direct sales.
To make the most of your money.

E-Mobility is a global event. We want you to participate in it first hand. We combine global production sources with local service for you. All it needs, All it saves.

Battery Leasing.
Only pay for what you use.

Instead of asking a higher product price we offer a monthly rate for the energy storage, the battery. You “pay as you play”. We want to set free your e-mobility – not tie your money for it up front.

Save & gain specials.
Become a partner.

Show your friends what we can do, enjoy rebates and provisions for promoting us. Collect urban e-mobility points (UEPs) to even ride for freeoverall.

App your Urban E-Mobility.

Coming soon…