Your urban e-mobility doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel. It needs a choice.

 small, cute – commute.

This design has immediately convinced our team: minimized weight and size, minimized travel time, maximized reach! Compact your train or bus travel, shrink your city distances. This convenient E-type companion goes farther with you and is more convenient to use than any other.

 all-round city bike.

Latest technology allows almost magic powers in an universal  e-type. Agility. Power braking. Great suspension. Easy handling.  When we rode it, we wouldn’t want to miss the vigor which drove with us. The virtues of an outdoor type combined with the comfort and handling of a street fighter made us ask for more. Your e-mobility got it with this concept.

easy, long distance.

Two packs of batteries, two persons, two incredibly friendly wheels that carry you anywhere. Where does transportation end and “dolce vita” start? We found out with this E-Type.